Unofficial City of Heroes patcher/launcher

I've written a command-line program as a Linux-compatible replacement for the NCSoft launcher. I've used it to successfully install City of Heroes from scratch; beyond that, it's totally untested. Use at your own risk.

System requirements


Download the latest version of and untar it somewhere handy.


Usage: [--keep] [--repair] [--silentlaunch] [--silent] [--patchonly] [(--en|--de|--fr)] (-live|-eulive|-test|-beta) [City of Heroes options].

-live, -eulive, -test, -beta: Update for the normal, European, test,
	or beta clients.
	Changing an installation from normal to test, or normal to beta is
	supported, while changing from test to beta may or may not work.
	Changing from beta or test to normal is not supported and will
	probably not work.
--en, --de, --fr: Select the language to use.
--keep: Keep downloaded patches.  This may speed up future patching, or
	it may simply waste large amounts of disk space.  It's your choice.
	The launcher will delete patches that fail checksum verification
	regardless of this setting.
--patchonly: Patch the City of Heroes client, but do not launch it.
--repair: Verify file checksums and re-download files if needed.
	Files are transferred uncompressed rather than as compressed patches,
	so it is not recommended that you repair an out-of-date installation
	unless updating fails.
--silentlaunch: Suppress all console output from City of Heroes.
	This may improve stability or give a slight increase in framerate.
	For most people, I expect it will do nothing.
--silent: Suppress all output except error messages.

Passing the City of Heroes option '-renderthread 0' may be required, as
multithreaded rendering tends not to work on Linux.

Run this script from an existing installation directory, or
from an empty directory to install a new copy of City of Heroes.

This script has not been extensively tested; use at your own risk.

Version history

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